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『出埃及記講道系列:一個全新的開始』 Exodus: a fresh start
講道主題:當你難以相信神時 (When it is hard for you to believe in God)
講員: 陳立兵牧師
講道經文: 出埃及記 4:18-7:7
講道大綱(Sermon Outline):
1. 你聽誰的?
Who do you listen to?

2. 當信仰在蜜月時(4:18-31)
When faith is in honeymoon

3. 當生活在艱難時(5:1-23)
When life is hard

4. 神會如何面對它? (6:1-7:7)
How is God going to do with it?

5. 你會如何面對它?
How are you going to do with it?